Freitag, 18. März 2011

Max Hodges, Onsite Photos aus Japan

Hier noch eine Bitte um Weiterleitung von seiten meines Bekannten Petr Holy von der tschechischen Botschaft, Tokyo:

Dear friends,

My friend, photographer Max Hodges who lives here in Tokyo went up north after the events in Japan and he took some unique photos from the areas struck by quake and tsunami.

He would like to share his work with the world, so if any of media you are involved with would have interested in publishing these, you can do so free of charge, just attributing them as 'Photos © Max Hodges,' and sending Max an email message, if possible, with link to a place where they were used.


whiterabbitpress hat gesagt…

thank you!

Christian Numrich hat gesagt…

You're welcome. Petr Holy has forwarded your request.