Freitag, 18. März 2011

Differenzierte Darstellung der Verhältnisse in Japan aus erster Hand

Hier die Weiterleitung einer Mail von John Heese, City Councilor der Stadt Tsukuba, Ibaraki, die auch vom Beben betroffen war:



I think that this will be of interest to you. A group of
foreign and local residents of Tsukuba, Ibaraki
prefecture, Japan
have teamed up to collate Japanese
government radiation readings as well as readings taken
independantly by a research institute (AIST) nearby. The
data is presented graphically, both as raw data and in
comparision to dangerous radiation levels (arbitrarily
decided to be 1000 micro sieverts per hour, based on a
group decision - see 'threashold' on graph 2). I strongly
believe that it would be useful to widely disseminate
this, especially for UK residents who have family members
in Japan. The site is below.

The site will continue to be updated periodically. Its
worth noting that on current values, residents of Tsukuba
(170 km from the Fukushima diaichi reactors) would recieve
a far greater dose of radiation flying home than they
would here sunbathing outside 24/7 for around a month.

I take no credit for setting up this site - there are
others who deserve this. I would however say that it is
immensely reassuring to me to know that a community of
residents are sticking together and supporting each other
throughout this stressful time.

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